Dis!Organize Ep. 48: Commiserate.

Disorganizers have bruises from their fights and muscle from the experimentation and small victories. 

We know how to make things happen and lead the emergent edge of the organizations we serve.

Because we have fallen down so many times (and got back up again) there is little that could happen to a colleague who is trying for change that we have never yet experienced

Therefore, be a shoulder to cry on. We should commiserate.

This is not just because we understand the challenge, but because we had others in our network who did it for us when we started shaking the organizational tree. 

For me it was the Change Agents Worldwide network. That superstar cohort supported my growth.

We pay it forward. In the age of COVID, this will be even more important. There will be more workplace challenge and therefore more workers challenging assumptions and trying for more.

Disorganizers are here to help…

This Much We Know.

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