Cannabis Diaries Week 44: Forgettable.

One of the impacts of a year-long slog through downsizing, losses, depressed prices and investor disappointment? The cannabis industry has lost energy and its wow factor.

It has consequently needed to slough off extraneous concepts and projects that do not deliver

  • a) consistent product; and
  • b) consistent revenue.

This covers most of the cool stuff, that excited the general press headline writers. The Trailer Park Boys hook-up is half-assed (due to marketing restrictions). The Drake hook-up is going nowhere; as is the Wiz Khalifa one.  Hobo is changing their name to Dutch Love after consistent protests against its tone deaf branding. Generic sativa / indica mega-bags are replacing craft, bespoke product as the main LP category drivers. For every Trulieve financial performance, there are 5-10 Tilrays or Aleafias dragging along…

There is just an industry varnish that has been chipped off, blistered. Cannabis is an agricultural product.

This Much We Know.

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