Dis!Organize Ep. 33: Coffee-A-Go-Go.

The value of network effects have been proven in workplaces. The more interconnected we are, the more likely it is that projects will succeed, that institutional muscle memory grows.

There are many ways to grow organizational networks, and here’s one experiment!

On your social network or in your office, start a coffee dating service. Random people put their name forward, with the intent to meet new colleagues and grow their network.

You simply connect those random people to others, and invite them to get coffee. 

No direction, no agenda. Just ask good questions, become better acquainted, understand each other better.

P.S. It’s a nice touch to formally sponsor the initiative and get the company to pay for the coffee; but my advice, don’t ask HR. Just do it, unofficially.

If you have questions, I can share more disorganizer details on how to do it. 

It’s time to coffee-a-go-go!

This Much We Know.

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