Dis!Organize Ep.1: What’s in a Name…?

Hello, I’m Jonathan and I’m a corporate disorganizer. Pleased to meet you.

Know yourself, and tell others.

What do you call yourself, when you decide to let loose in your organization to deliver MAXIMUM value?

Do you just say “Hello, I’m <insert NAME NAME> and I am a <insert BORING JOB TITLE HERE*>”

Because that job title probably has an asterisk attached to it; and in the conversational footnote there is an explanation of this other ‘thing’ you do, this value you add, this approach you are practicing…

You need to name that asterisk. It needs its own business card. Everyone has a personal schtick. Name it, so that others have total recall why you should be in that meeting, on that project.

What nomenclature to use, to identify your unique brand of genius? Change agent, rebel, disruptor, intrapreneur? Disorganizer? Sure, all good.

But NAME it. Say it out loud. Disorganize.

This Much We Know.

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