COVID Art: Kids Edition

Maybe because there is nothing better to do, maybe because she has similar existential angst afflicting us adults in COVID-times, Zoe has been on an art rip. Almost everyday some creation emerges from her bedroom/studio.

It is abstract, and deeply emotional. I asked her to describe her thought process. If art has meaning it has reference points; anchors that allow others to say “Yes!” too.

I teased some descriptions out of her. I would say a lot of it was unconscious work – but she was able to intellectualise explanations on top of her organic process.

We suggested she share her art with the community, so we hung the art in the front garden and invited neighbours and friends and passersby to drop by and experience it.

Here are some of the pieces and her descriptors.

Calm Times
Acrylic on canvas

To maintain sanity in pandemic times, I have been doing a lot of art. This piece showcases the calm that art gives me, in the bright colours and bold, thick strokes.

Good Vibrations
Acrylic on board

This is an optimistic piece in dark times. There are good things all around us if we seek them out. Because there is currently less pollution and human activity, the environment has a chance to recharge.

The Streaks of Life
Acrylic on board

The streaks represent different emotional states I have had recently: stress, happiness, sadness, madness(!), calmness.

This Much We Know.

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