COVID Art: Keep Calm. No Carona (sic).

Zoe has been channeling her pandemic energy through her art.

I have been spring cleaning; and finding old frames for her to repurpose. In them, some previous iterations of our family creative juices, often made for Mother’s Days.

It gave me an opportunity to be creative too, and repurpose the art itself, rather than recycle it.

In these times of challenge and change, the classic Keep Calm and Carry On works really well, especially in the week of the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

The first iteration of this was a Mother’s Day present where we edited the copy to read:

Keep (Mama) Calm and Carry On (Loving her). 

It hung on the bedroom wall for a few years.

I repurposed it further to read:

Keep Calm. No Carona (sic).

We persevere. We will get through this together.

This Much We Know.

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