COVID Art: Current Mood, Heavy Weather

A neighbour of ours is a fine arts professor at Emily Carr University. He saw Zoe’s art exhibition and wrote me an email about her Current Mood selection:

great pandemic show! 
I found the durational moods portrait series particularly interesting as a way of addressing virus times. It reminded me of this work by one of my favourite artists – Roni Horn – called You are the Weather.

Horn’s work is a mesmerizing set of portraits of someone looking blankly at the lens, yet exhibiting so many different emotions, dependent on the weather.

you are the weather, roni horn

Well, we are experiencing weather, heavy weather. Zoe feels it in her bones, and emerges from her bedroom with her view of the day. Mesmerizing.

For me, it channels Cindy Sherman’s work, whose show we recently saw at the VAG. Sherman uses her face as a canvas to channel cultural commentary. She captures the zeitgeist of the times better than almost any artist.

Zoe has given us this unexpected pandemic gift. We feel blessed.

This Much We Know.

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