Week 19: It’s Q-end All Over Again

We are entering quarter-end season. Those who work for publicly-listed companies will know it well – I have been through 50+…

The churn of numbers and financial reporting; then the finessing of the corporate narrative on top. With transparency and regulatory compliance to the fore (of course!), how can we showcase to the market that ‘we got this’?

I have been reading all the cannabis LPs’ releases (no, that’s not an album – for those old enough to remember what a “long player” is.)

When there is bad news EVERYWHERE, it is tough to sound a note of optimism, or even control. There seems to be a bit of word stew out there – stir up a bunch of “strategisizing” words into the release and see what happens.

One of those annoying words is accretive. It’s one of those finance terms that you hear so often in a public company that you find yourself saying one night at dinner to your 9-yr old daughter, “You have to do your homework if you want your marks to be accretive over the next quarter.

To note the obvious, there is not much accretive action in the cannabis market right now. But there’s always next quarter, and that’s the genius of the capital markets!

Be well, everyone. Have an accretive long weekend.

This Much We Know.

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