Feelings > Features: An Employee Value Proposition Journey.

This recent Gartner article surprises me only in that they seem to find it a new idea that we should focus on how people FEEL about work when defining the employee value proposition (EVP).

This shift from FEATURES to feelings feeds into culture work, which is simply reflecting back to stakeholders (colleagues) that which is true, but hidden, overlooked, or misnamed / misattributed.

Showcasing a colleague’s story allows them, and those in similar situations, to re-evaluate their own power of possibility. The brand (company) gains the reflected outcome in that process.

In Inclusion and Diversity work, this is the BELONGING piece – “I am seen as who I am.

In culture work, it maps a bit more to “my work is an important part of the whole, and therefore I give my discretionary effort.”

This is fun work. I am just surprised it was not clear to people before!

This Much We Know.

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