Week 18: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

More industry impact this week in the news: two of the behemoth LPs, Tilray and Aurora, announced 10% cuts. $ACB did nearly $1b of write-downs. Ouch. It has become an industry standard recently to replace execs, often the CEO; to downplay the international expansion dreams; to take goodwill adjustments; to look for blame in the marketplace (where are the Ontario stores?!).

Patterns emerge weekly. I do a daily industry report for internal stakeholders, and reviewing themes from one month ago look outdated today. We are really in a live situation here, taking incoming rocket fire.

I would like to say that we are not suffering the same impacts, but this is an industry wide kicking.

Still, remarkably, what I do see is guarded optimism. “We can do this. We can emerge victorious. We believe.” That’s good enough for me.

This Much We Know.

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