Week 20: Merch Mountains

I have mentioned before, the cannabis industry is moving at warp speed. My month is your year.

And I ain’t trying to say I’m something special. Witness the semi-permanent look of loafish bemusement on my face.

[Note to self: turn it into a smile, and people are more likely to believe I know what I am doing.]

Those who know me well know I like the word, discombobulation. Never is my use of that word more apropos as right now in my life.

All around the industry there is a hot mess of corporate guidance withdrawals and market sentiment resets. Corporate pivots everywhere: facility closures, capex suspensions, international market withdrawals. Personal impacts from that: rightsizing here, there and everywhere, executive replacements and upgrades (from entrepreneurs to CPG mainstays.) Oh, and the recriminations. Bitter, personal, juicy, crazy. The dark stories emerge – of excess, avarice, illegalities, and the Merch mountains! Discombobulating!

~bobulation has no etymological origin. It is a made up, rootless coinage conveying a sense of confusion. Perfect.

How’s *your* week going?

This Much We Know.

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