Week 16: GIGO – Garbage in, garbage out.

Communications is sometimes about obfuscation, but that’s not the fun part of the job. Risk mitigation requires gritted teeth and a steely demeanour. Much more rewarding is ‘opening the kimono,’ letting the wonders of the organization shine brightly and warm the cockles of the audience’s hearts.

To that end, we have been knuckling down and determining how best to share the hard work and collective genius of the team, such that we can slap each other on the back or kick each other up the backside, depending on the circumstance. Either way, “know more to do more” in service of shared goals.

I need to unlock the stream of consciousness of hardworking people doing hard work; let the fire-hose of information and data and knowledge and perspective wash over me. Then, towel myself down and redirect that energy towards various stakeholder groups.

It brings to mind the info mngmt concept, GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. The quality of the shared work (output) is dependent on the quality of the work shared (input).

The quality is there. Now, for colleagues to see what they do as enough (Congratulations!) and as a stepping stone for more.

This Much We Know.

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