Week 15: Catsuits Are Always A Bad Sign

The cannabis convention in Vancouver last week revealed several things about the state of the industry. There were far fewer Licensed Producers at the event than the year before. Budgets have tightened. The mood in the room was a bit down.

There were half-hearted ‘everything is gonna be ok!’ platitudes from speakers. Only one or two were willing to bravely shout ‘fire sale!’ out loud. The B2B parts of the floor were livelier – a new industry draws more and more innovation to it. There will be breakthrough productivity coming to an LP near you this year.

I only saw one set of catsuits prowling the floor, lazily giving away brochures for a vendor. This is a sign of a maturing industry – last year there were many more.

Catsuits sign to the audience that no-one knows why we are here or what we have to say. After the downward trajectory of the industry in the last 6 months, any sign of maturity and sensibility is to be welcomed.

Slowly, cannabis is normalizing, becoming another CPG product and industry. Nothing to see here.

This Much We Know.

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