Week 3: the learning NEVER STOPS, PEOPLE!

Think about the change journey of the cannabis industry over the last 2 years:

Legacy market process (hopefully avoiding drug gang supply chain)

– I have a mate who grows a few plants

– he bags it up, sorts me out

– cash in hand, enjoy / feel better.

Legal market process (ALWAYS with compliance in mind, following to the letter legislative requirements and Health Canada protocols):

– financing for capex expansion, the start of the stakeholder / partnership conversation

– construction phase for producing at scale; building out facilities, hiring staff, introducing systems

– licensing sign off of EVERYTHING, it takes time!(compliance and transparency all day)

– cultivation of these incredible plants (at scale); varietals, cloning…

– harvesting, carefully, precisely, the science of extraction, on schedule to maximise yield and production supply chains

– packaging, hey, child-proof containers don’t build themselves! Delivering just in time production smoothness.

– into the sales funnel, different product lines for different user personas, different processes (by Province!) Finally to you, the consumer – providing a choice of strain, ingestion, price, size, taste…more next week. #zenabiscannabis

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