How Do You “Show Up” (At Work)?

I sometimes write about the limitations of standard resumes / CVs. They bother me. When I consider the intricacies, narratives and pure interestingness of the human condition – not least my own – then a two-page document full of active verbs, bullet points and random statistics seems just plain weird.
I want to feel the quality. I want to understand three-dimensionally. I want to trust my intuition. I want a neural firestorm of dopamine. This requirement for more / deeper ahas! is aided and abetted by online social media and channels. There is suddenly a whole other layer of data to mine; another level of knowledge to parse. Beautiful.

The TMWK personal branding process is a mechanism to provide others with just such a density of understanding. It says:

This is who I am; this is how I show up; this is why you need me.

Six ways to show up - who I am, how I add value, why you need me.
Six ways to show up – who I am, how I add value, why you need me.

The future of work brings with it quantum change in how we associate, contract our services, negotiate and renegotiate our networks. Explaining who we are, how we show up, and why others need us will be the MOST important ongoing, insistent, demanding and beneficial work task we will have.

Focus, people.

The image attached to this post is a mental note to myself, stuck on my monitor at work. It describes some of the ways I (want to) show up at work. I will explain more about these in subsequent posts.

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