Dis!Organize Ep. 98: This Much We Know.

I named my practice after an article that has run in The Observer newspaper for years, This Much I Know. Famous people share their learnings, large and small. I find it very inviting, open and kind.

I want to channel that in my own work. 

I changed the “I” to “We” because I have been on a shared journey with colleagues, network friends and mentors. I steal from others ahead, and seek to pass it on to those just behind or alongside.

I make no promises about knowing everything. But I do make a promise that in my place of excellence, working in my wheelhouse, spewing up my genius…by gad, I’m good at some stuff…

This is how I disorganize.

Out side of that, well, I suggest you make no promises, except that you will stretch yourself towards everything.

This Much We Know.

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