“People like us, who do things like this.”

Finally! I have delivered on my personal goal: “develop a podcast.”

Here is the challenge…“Corporate” news, stories, communications tends to be very dry and unremarkable. Only the “brand committed” would be enticed to follow along.

So, how to make it F.R.E.S.H.?

  • Fun
  • Revealing
  • Entertaining
  • Sharable & Social
  • Heartfelt

We are trying to bring something to market that has both cultural heft, and a lightness of touch. Hopefully it works out, and I would love to hear feedback, be direct and kind.

My job is to observe what goes on, reflect it and amplify it.

This is how the brand develops; and its reflection helps create the next iteration of the company culture.

Shout-out to post-production maestro Solomon Hsu who auto-tuned(?) my scrawny voice to get that late night deep baritone intimacy feel of Barry White.

In Ep.1: having lunch with the company Founder, power poses, 1980s photos, constant learning, making a 20-year career, and my poor understanding of art history, amongst other topics…


This Much We Know

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