Forget “Disrupt!”, My Gentle Call Is “Disorganize!”

“Disrupt” is everywhere, is everything. If we are to survive the coming robot / AI take-over, we must disrupt the paradigm! We must disrupt the status quo, we must disrupt ourselves.

All true-ish, but definitely overwrought, too serious, bellicose. My friends James Tyer wrote about it on Linkedin a while ago and I just chanced upon it again today, and my comment to it:

Great post James. Quite true. “Disrupt!” implies to me someone charging about the org slapping people.

I claim a Disorganizer brand in recognition that there is a lot of fumbling around, digging through the bargain bin, causing a bit of a mess, saying “oops” and “sorry!” And thinking maybe tomorrow will be a better day. More shambolic, more realistic, definitely beta.

A couple of years on from co-opting this moniker, nothing much has changed. It is still hard work, full of upset and challenge, a constant fumble at ‘good/better work.’

Still fun, too.

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