An #Antifragile Hitchhike In A Mercedes Limousine

In order to inject “more volatility” into his life, Wouter Ijgosse recently contacted some people to ask them about how they embrace the concept of antifragility in their lives. I was one of them.

Wouter shared how his experience of hitchhiking was highly antifragile in nature – as an example, after a long wait, he once got a ride with the country director of Mercedes France in a big, comfortable Mercedes.

This triggered my own antifragile memory – I have a Mercedes story of my own from when I was a university student and hitchhiking from my girlfriend’s in London to my parent’s house in Yorkshire.

From the very beginning (or end?) of the M1 in London I needed to go about 350 km straight north. I stuck out my thumb, and soon a beautifully elegant 1970s Mercedes limousine swerved across and stopped 50m ahead. Big black leather seats, a 6-litre engine purring perfectly.

A French guy was driving from France to Birmingham. This meant turning off the M1 less than half way on to the M6. Still, the ride! I decided to go along even though I was heading directly North. When he turned off for Birmingham we agreed to let me out, but the M6 motorway has no turnoffs.

First, he tried to drop me off in the fast lane but we determined this to be less than practical, and I had to go into Birmingham, which led to 4-5 other circuitous lifts until I ended up near Wakefield late in the evening. I had a university friend there, called him up from the station, and spent the night with his family. Definitely antifragile. I got home the next day.

Intoxicatingly, the whole way with the French guy, he had his indicator on in the fast line, letting everyone know he wanted to drive faster than them. We went 200 km/h the whole way. It was the best lift I ever had. #Antifragility.

Over the next couple of posts I will share my antifragility approach for personal and business success.

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