Personal Branding: Are You Curious?

Curiosity is the number one personal attribute to possess.


Curiosity will enable you to deal with change, even embrace it. Furthermore, curiosity will enable you to drive the change; sponsor it; own it. And dealing with change is the number one business demand to deal with.

I am always on the hunt for data on curiosity. You could say I am curious about curiosity. This is from Diane Dreher:


“is positively correlated with creativity, intelligence, problem-solving ability, autonomy, a sense of personal control, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. It is also associated with positive affect, subjective well-being, better long-term health, longevity, and positive interpersonal relationships.”

For such a reason, curiosity is the start point of the TMWK Manifesto.


1. Cultivate – Curiosity

It all begins with curiosity.

“Our number one value isn’t in any of the skills we have. It’s that we’re essentially curious.”

– Jim Coudal via @brainpickings

Curiosity is the kick-start, the pre-requisite. It allows us to move forward, in the footsteps of children.

John Pilger had it right:

“…the first step is to engender an approach, enable the measurement of distances and walking toward. It is show the possible and potential.”

– Extract from article in The Guardian (1997?)

Curiosity is the muscle to help us manage change. It moves us through and toward…


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