Language Learning is An Act of Bravery.

Learning is a lifelong, pivotal attribute. We learn and grow, we are curious about our surroundings. We improve every day.

I think and read about learning a lot, but rarely do I come across something that stops me in my tracks (especially on LinkedIn!) But this did.

I lived in another country for a few years where I had to painstakingly learn the language. The cognitive load to survive, let alone thrive, is incredible. Every interaction is full of uncertainty, you are always one small error away from catastrophe; you are almost always in the out-group.

Yet! You are brave. You have chosen to challenge yourself, and as you master it, you see how to win. Around us we probably have many people, colleagues who began their journey in many other, faraway places. That otherness – how your accent marks you out as foreign or different – should instead indicate that you have superpowers.

What else can you tackle, and win at? And how can we create more opportunities for you to do so?

This Much We Know.

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