TRANS-Enterprise Social Networks: Hive Vancouver

I spend a lot of my time studying, considering, activating in the area of ESNs (enterprise social networks). It has been my entrance to the world of net work (sic).

A key issue I face with ESNs is that it always becomes a conversation about technology, rather than about people (deploying that technology).

As I an oft to say: the ESN is just a tool.

So, I spend quality time reading and exploring around the theoretical and practical edges of ESNs, and lo! what do I find but PEOPLE…everywhere!

Inside the firewall, I spent a week working out loud under the stairs. #WOLyo! But, interestingly and very importantly, when you work with and through people and explore networks, the firewall tends to get in the way.

This has led me to consider the idea of trans-enterprise social networks (TESNs?). I will share a few examples, not because I have DISCOVERED hidden gems, but simply as the act of working out loud for myself.

Firstly, HiVE Vancouver. HiVE recently hosted an open house that I attended. We were shown around, introduced to some of the people who work there, whether as drop-ins at hot desks, or (semi) permanently in pods.


One ‘resident’ told us that when he gets a new contract, the first thing he does is wander around the HiVE asking who wants to be involved. The extended network of complementary and lean-in resources can augment the freelancer. How liberating! What possibilities! What TRUST!

I met a contact there for a meeting. Being in and around so much networked energy made for a compelling conversation, better than if we had visited a coffee shop. There was a smell of potential (rather than caffeine).

This is intoxicating for me – I know from my time on the #CAWW community what can be achieved in an online network. Then I imagine what can be achieved in a network made live, made physical.

More tomorrow…

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