#unSquirrel In Action: A Simple Use Case

Manifestos should be uncomplicated, simple to follow. They should end with an invitation to step right this way.

The #unSquirrel Manifesto has its first follower, the always shiny, happy Austen Hunter. And his #unSquirrel share is PERFECT.

There is no great need to dissect why it is a perfect #unSquirrel (each #unSquirrel should be given away lightly, with little fanfare or expectation), but a few things that struck me:

  • Austen learned something and made a scribbled note
  • he shared it simply, with little overhead
  • he connected two people in his network through the content
  • I was able to backfill with a link to some data I had previously #unSquirreled.
  • and so it goes on…

It is in these small actions, massively scaled through networks, that we change the world. Boom!

←This Much We Know.→

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