TRANS-Enterprise Social Networks: #_unBound Vancouver

Yesterday, I mentioned HiVE Vancouver. Today’s trans-enterprise social network is a pop-up version, the first Vancouver #_unBound at the Microsoft office.

#_unBound YVR
#_unBound YVR

A few ESN fellow travellers converged to a neutral venue to work (on our own stuff), to discuss (commonalities), and to network. No agenda, no required outcomes, just a space to be held where firewalls are forgotten for a few hours. Boundaries dissipate, inside-outside is put to one side – a trans-enterprise social network. You look around the table at people who are trying to move in a similar direction, and the comradeship is effortless, natural, unforced.

It was both liberating and stimulating; and powerful for the simplicity of it all. Who knew such a simple act of convening for work could be so existentially impactful?!

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