Using My Online Personal Brand To Discuss Personal Branding

I was recently asked to share some thoughts with young communicators in Vancouver on kick starting your career. The event is today.

Upon gathering my notes / ideas together, a core one of which is working out loud, I realised that I might have already articulated my thoughts. In other words, if I work out loud, I probably have the content online, in the open, already. So, I perused just 4-5 weeks of tweets and voila! there it all was, in plain sight.

workoutloudThis is called walking the talk. Phew.

An hour in Storify later and I had a flow laid out.

I now get the chance to revisit my own work, rearticulate it, practice and improve my own voice, to amplify. What a gift!

Hopefully, the audience will get as much as I have already, just from the process of putting it together. The content is here.

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