There Are Change Agents, And There Are Change Agents. It’s #FutureOfWork Checklist Time! #CAWW

Fellow CAWWer Catherine Shinners has a good review of recent thinking on what organizations need for breakthrough performance via the Conference Executive Board: read her article for some detail. I will suffice here with listing the CEB checklist of differentiating competencies for high performance:

  • prioritization,future-of-work
  • teamwork,
  • organizational awareness,
  • problem solving,
  • self-awareness,
  • proactivity,
  • influence,
  • decision-making,
  • learning agility and
  • technical expertise.

I like! All of these are in reach of all of us. Attitude, and forward momentum is all that is required to get us on this road…

Shinners also shared a Future Work Skills 2020 study that sees successful trends to be:

  • sense-making,
  • social intelligence,
  • novel and adaptive thinking,
  • cross-cultural competency,
  • computational thinking,
  • transdisciplinarity,
  • design mindset,
  • cognitive load management and
  • virtual collaboration.

OK, so here we are in a more rarefied environment, not because these are difficult per se, but because these are change agent attributes, and not everyone wants to change.

Do you?

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