Why Does No-one ‘Get’ #SocBiz? Because We Don’t Like ‘Bad’ News

Many E2.0 leaders and social business (SocBiz) practitioners are currently wringing their hands, decrying the difficulty that knowledge workers are having embracing the new opportunities at work. Technology and network thinking have the potential to transform outdated modes of organizing.

see-noYet, (too) many workers cling to the past. Why so? Because people are stupid.


But it might have some deep-seated neurological basis. Our sentiment is to ignore “bad” information, and change information (a new work reality) is usually considered bad.

From a New York Times article on making bad decisions

When the volunteers were given information that was better than they hoped or expected — say, for example, that the risk of complications in surgery was only 10 percent when they thought it was 30 percent — they adjusted closer to the new risk percentages presented. But if it was worse, they tended to ignore this new information.

We need to acknowledge our tendency to incorrectly process challenging news.

When we find data that supports our hopes we appear to get a dopamine rush similar to the one we get if we eat chocolate, have sex or fall in love. But it’s often information that challenges our existing opinions or wishful desires that yields the greatest insights.

Exactly. Challenging our existing opinions yields the greatest insights. This stuff should be taught in school, especially university, and on into the workplace. But it ain’t.

Consequently, change agent superheroes have work to do.

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