Sturgeon’s Law: 90% Of Everything Is Crap. Yes.

We read more than we have ever done. And there is more stuff to read than every before – exponentially more.

According to some random blog (ok, a WIRED blog, but who cares, I’m amplifying something I read online and you are reading it):

The science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon famously said something like, “Ninety percent of everything is crap,” …

I couldn’t agree more with Sturgeon’s Law, but nor could I be happier. That law allows me – nay, it practically invites me – to write.

Stuff, crap stuff maybe 90% of the time, but stuff I am interested in, stuff I think adds some value to some people some of the time (it seems, about 10% of the time).

This is executing on The Cult of Done Manifesto.

And, this is about sharing one’s personal brand – about allowing others to understand how you add value.

Here’s to more crap in the world of ideas, culture, community.

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