#WorkHacks – Think Like Millennials

Millennials are the cohort of people born between 1984 – 2002. They are entering the workforce in droves, and with a seemingly similar number of complaints about their me-first mentality and high expectations of power and pay.

HOW many of them are there?!
HOW many of them are there?!

Well the rest of us need to get used to it, and it behooves us all to think differently about this group because, according to Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation, Generation-Y / Millennials will form 75% of the workforce by 2025.

Say what, now?

That’s right, 75%. Millennials will sweep away all in front of them. When I asked some colleagues last week about this, most of them underscored the size of this massive cohort.

Now, #WorkHacks are about preparing for the new work place, one which is social, networked, entrepreneurial. Millennials will fit right in – the future of work is their workplace. So, the rest of us should think more like Millennials too. So they do not destroy us.

How to survive the Millennial apocolypse?

Maybe retrain in some jobs that will exist in that great new tomorrow?

If not that, at least start considering the needs of others. Ask yourself: “What would a Millennial think / do / need?” It’s a start.

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