Disruption: The End Of Teamwork, Scheduling, And 2 BILLION Jobs. Gulp.

Yesterday I discussed the McKinsey Disruptive Technologies Report and the centrality of #SocBiz to it.

Thomas Frey has put down a marker of what that means for us as workers. Namely, the end of 2 b.i.l.l.i.o.n jobs by 2030. Hard to swallow? Wait, there’s more.

Disruption also means the end of teamwork, according to Paul Rux:

The powerful trend toward freelance workplaces signals the coming demise of teamwork. Get ready to move, re-skill, and coach innovative individuals as leaders

Add in the end of regular by-the-hour work too, according to Carrie Ann Zapka:

Dynamic pay-per-task networks will replace fixed annual salaries and hourly pay rates. Real-time supply and demand, crowd reputation ratings, experience points, and recommendation networks will replace résumés and job titles.

Find this and more in the current World Future Society bulletin.

What does all this mean? Prepare for the future of work NOW. Build a personal brand, own it, develop it, network it – hard. And hope for the best.

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