The Future Of Work: Sponsor Disruption

The last reflection on the Deloitte report on Human Capital Trends 2013.


gapingvoid spots the monster in the room...
gapingvoid spots the monster in the room…

“Today, disruptive innovation is the rule, not the exception… Leadership styles that worked well in the past simply aren’t good enough to cope with this dynamic environment.”

Disruption may occur in your industry and your product / business model may crumble in front of your very eyes. But for me, more prescient is the disruption that social technology brings to the workplace experience of individuals and teams; and the career arc of those individuals.

In other words, I am not so interested in business turnarounds. My interest is in people turnarounds, because it is almost a guarantee that any knowledge worker’s work patterns, accountabilities, and opportunities will shift markedly in the next 5 years.

The best, though not the easiest, way to manage this change? Sponsor the disruption that is coming to a workplace near you very soon, rather than seek to mitigate it. Get out ahead of the social tsunami.

Some topics I will return to over coming posts:

  • Model.
    • Model the behaviour you want to see in others.
    • Start narrating your work. Share your knowledge.
  • Upskill.
  • Bulk-Up.
    • Prepare to be beaten up over your wonky ideas and average deployment success.
    • Learn to take deep breaths.
  • Polemicize.
    • Introduce creative tension into your work.
    • Speak widely, loudly even, of the future of work you can see / feel.
  • Show-Up.
    • Show your agility and foresight. Articulate what more you can do; how much more you can help.
    • Develop (and share) your personal brand.

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