Sponsor Disruption 1: Model

So, we are looking at the Future of Work, heavily disrupted, perhaps, from our experience of yesterday.

In the last post, I listed five requirements for sponsoring disruption so you can, at least, surf the enterprise social tsunami to safety:  <Model> <Upskill> <Bulk-Up> <Polemicize> <Show Up>.

Today, let’s discuss Model.

The social enterprise is personal, flat, equalized. It does not run by diktat, but through cooperation and collaboration. Therefore, you cannot impose social and expect it to work. Flip through any social business report and you will see very average deployment success rates <return in future post on the need to <Bulk Up>.

No, you need to model the behavior you want to see in others. Social leadership is not shown through oration or exhortation – it is shown through best practice.

So, set fingers to keyboard, consider the generic microblog prompt “What do you want to share?”, and share away.

Share, What?

This is much easier than you initially think. Do you consider yourself an expert, full of knowledge, worthy of respect? Of course you do! Well, let it all out. Give it away. Open up your internal modeling, knowledge management, and thought processing for others to understand and appreciate.

It is VERY easy to do. Is it politically acceptable, wrought with danger, scary, replete with judgment and egocentricity? Maybe, maybe not. I cannot navigate your own experience.


It is VERY easy to do, did I say that already? Do not confuse the outcome with the input. Narrating your work, working in the open, sharing your knowledge widely and freely – these things are EASY. So let’s hold that space for now. It’s a start.

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