The Future of Work: Living the Dream!

Another slice through the data in the Deloitte report on Human Capital Trends 2013, today we look at leadership impacts…and this one is personal.

The report lays it out straightforwardly:

“Yesterday’s leadership theories are not keeping pace with the velocity of today’s disruptive marketplace. Organizations are seeking a new model for the age of agility.”

gapingvoid knows that all is change, all the time…

The new normal?  Perpetual uncertainty; jagged markets – finding “ways to operate successfully in markets that are worlds apart in every way—socially, technologically, and economically”; and instant obsolescence. 

Ah, yes. Obsolescence. A personal favourite of mine.

I have embraced the current three-year obsolescence cycle (and I might need to revisit that length soon enough…) in the MarComms world. Near time obsolescence focuses one’s attention quite well: what does good look like today; what is coming tomorrow; how do we respond; what skills do we need to learn; on and on…

As the report continues,

“Today, disruptive innovation is the rule, not the exception. Virtually any company could be weeks or months away from facing potential breakthroughs and new competition that could make its entire business obsolete. Leadership styles that worked well in the past simply aren’t good enough to cope with this dynamic environment.”

This requires a new type of leadership. Of the several ideas for leadership change, the one that ‘pops’ for me is to:

Sponsor disruption

More on that next time.

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