TRANS-Enterprise Social Networks: #_unBound Vancouver

Yesterday, I mentioned HiVE Vancouver. Today’s trans-enterprise social network is a pop-up version, the first Vancouver #_unBound at the Microsoft office. A few ESN fellow travellers converged to a neutral venue to work (on our own stuff), to discuss (commonalities), and to network. No agenda, no required outcomes, just a space to be held where firewalls are forgotten for a few hours. Boundaries dissipate, inside-outside is put to one side – a trans-enterprise social network. You look around the table at people who are trying to move in a similar direction, and the comradeship is effortless, natural, unforced. It was … Continue reading TRANS-Enterprise Social Networks: #_unBound Vancouver

TRANS-Enterprise Social Networks: Hive Vancouver

I spend a lot of my time studying, considering, activating in the area of ESNs (enterprise social networks). It has been my entrance to the world of net work (sic). A key issue I face with ESNs is that it always becomes a conversation about technology, rather than about people (deploying that technology). As I an oft to say: the ESN is just a tool. So, I spend quality time reading and exploring around the theoretical and practical edges of ESNs, and lo! what do I find but PEOPLE…everywhere! Inside the firewall, I spent a week working out loud under … Continue reading TRANS-Enterprise Social Networks: Hive Vancouver

I Am The Next Middle Class, And I Need Your Support.

For me, fellow Change Agent Harold Jarche triggers more deep thinking than any other blogger; and this post is no exception – getting larger and more menacing every day is the looming shadow of realisation that the future ain’t what it used to be! All knowledge workers are under threat – from information overload and big data, from automation and outsourcing. The futurist Ross Dawson says: “…in a connected world, unless your skills are world-class, you are a commodity.” The only way out? Expertise, Relationships, and Innovation. Welcome to the network. From Jarche: “We are seeing experiments in new forms … Continue reading I Am The Next Middle Class, And I Need Your Support.

Embracing Complexity: Enterprise Social Networks

I participated last year as an interviewee in a MSc dissertation on social information theory, and a quote from another participant struck a chord with me. The company asked in an employee survey, “Do you use the Enterprise Social Network platform?” and compared the answers of all questions of the people that answered “Yes” with the answers of those that said “No”. The “Yes” scores were roughly 10% higher in questions like “my ideas are listened to”, “I can communicate across business lines”, “I understand the strategy.” These people have sought active engagement with their workplace, the nuance and disagreements, the … Continue reading Embracing Complexity: Enterprise Social Networks

Entropy: How Crap Communicators Waste Energy

So, here I am talking about how great! exciting! embraceable! is complexity. And about how entropy (the cost of moving data) is a good thing! Yet, of course, it is never that obvious. We will all have “Yeah, but…” examples of what a pain in the arse it is too. So, here’s mine. One of my pet peeves is how complex and complicated communicators make so much of their work. It is either rank inefficiency they teach communicators, or a fear that – like the Emperor’s new clothes – if they did not actively pursue complex and overblown solutions, then … Continue reading Entropy: How Crap Communicators Waste Energy

Dissecting Your Personal Brand: How Do You Show Up Online?

We have to think differently about our personal brand than we did 10-15 years ago. Then, in order to get ahead, to get promotion, to get on that juicy project you could scan your immediate work environment and determine who it was you had to impact to make a difference. Now, things have changed. Your network of influence might be social, virtual, global, segmented based on the communities in which you hang, participate, lead. When I am hiring, the first thing I do in a cursory scan of a resume is to look for online avenues of investigation – therein … Continue reading Dissecting Your Personal Brand: How Do You Show Up Online?

5 Technologies Driving Business Change

McKinsey has some great data about enterprise impacts based on social technology. Their 10 IT-enabled business trends report from a few months ago has been on my mind, as it segues with several themes I muse about – the future of work; the social enterprise; personal branding amongst others. What organizations will our leaders – you – be leading in 5 years time? Let’s have a look-see at some of the trends. 1. Joining the social matrix Employees ‘could become up to 25 percent more productive through the use of social technologies.’ I have seen this in my own life … Continue reading 5 Technologies Driving Business Change

What Does A Friend Look Like In The Age Of Social?

Or, How John Hagel, David Armano, Hugh MacLeod and Harold Jarche Kickstarted Me. Here’s how it began. 2011 Back story: In my MarComms job, I had two projects front of mind – launching an Enterprise Social Network (we were the first company in the world to completely replace our intranet with Yammer) and developing a bunch of infographics on business performance (turning heavy PowerPoint slides into something more digestible). Independently, I was mentoring some young communicators who were trying to work out their pitch and career paths. I spent a lot of time thinking about these topics; with plenty of online … Continue reading What Does A Friend Look Like In The Age Of Social?

The Intranet of Things? Not Yet

Reading about the internet of things is an interesting exercise in understanding our co-existence with technology and data. We want data to talk to data, chip to chip, thing to thing, so that we, as people, can focus on more value-added functions – creativity, thinking, relationships. What about at work? Intranet vendors offer up all sorts of cure-all solutions: one box that that takes you and your organization from zero to successarama in 100 interconnecting processes and controls. I’m not biting. The intranet of things is way off. It is outside the realm of a single box to do it … Continue reading The Intranet of Things? Not Yet

Working Out Loud With Gratitude. #RelentlessHumanity Yo!

Working out loud (WoL) – sharing your knowledge transparently, moving towards your colleagues and stakeholders, asking for and offering help – is the approach to work that puts people (and networks) before process. I like the tag #RelentlessHumanity to describe this endeavour – enterprise social networking tools are there to push our collective humanity in a way that Facebook et al has done in our private lives. I am always thirsting for the chain reaction BOOM! point where this idea scales in the enterprise. We have to start somewhere. The excellent John Stepper is getting very meta, working out loud about working out … Continue reading Working Out Loud With Gratitude. #RelentlessHumanity Yo!

Nature Is Networked Too

How lovely to discover that Nature, bigger-than-thou, that ALWAYS wins out over time, is networked, like a cooperative enterprise. Although we’re accustomed to thinking of trees as individuals, competing with each other for sun and nutrients, recently uncovered evidence suggests that they cooperate, with more mature individuals transferring carbon and nutrients to less mature individuals through their root systems, mediated by the action of fungi. If forests actually are more cooperative enterprises than we have heretofore imagined, singleton, isolated trees might be regarded as being in an unnatural state, like the isolated team member of a virtual team. A little … Continue reading Nature Is Networked Too

7 Answers To 7 Questions You Will Face As you Modernize Your Company

The always excellent John Stepper has captured the questions we have all (been) asked as we journey the social highway. In my simple, naïve way, here are my answers to them 1. “Can we do that?” Yes we can! Let us coopt the fervor and self-belief of Obama ’08. No hiding, no long verbose explanations. Self-declare a new reality. 2. “What if people say something they shouldn’t?” They won’t. Ever. Of course there is miscommunication and confusion wherever we look (and lawyers, especially, look quite hard). We all make mistakes. But no-one with a name and photo attached to their … Continue reading 7 Answers To 7 Questions You Will Face As you Modernize Your Company