Entropy: How Crap Communicators Waste Energy

So, here I am talking about how great! exciting! embraceable! is complexity. And about how entropy (the cost of moving data) is a good thing! Yet, of course, it is never that obvious. We will all have “Yeah, but…” examples of what a pain in the arse it is too.

So, here’s mine.

One of my pet peeves is how complex and complicated communicators make so much of their work. It is either rank inefficiency they teach communicators, or a fear that – like the Emperor’s new clothes – if they did not actively pursue complex and overblown solutions, then colleagues might realize that generally communicators are not required for much of the modern workload of communications.


This is because communicators introduce entropy into their systems of record and systems of engagement. Maybe it makes them feel important, maybe it highlights how professional they are. Anyway, here is the perfect example:

Above is a photo I took at an event on intranets. The audience was being shown how to set up rules and regulations around enterprise social networks.

  • Introduce a social network into the enterprise. Good effort! An embrace of complexity.
  • Gatekeep who can say what when. Entropy.
  • Moderate and publish on behalf of the community. Entropy.
  • Police the system. Entropy.
  • Self-congratulate. Entropy.

Crap communicators get in the way. Good communicators get out of the way.

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