Manifestos…To Understand: The Cloud Revolution

Early on in the blog, I wrote a few posts about manifestos that proved quite popular. I reviewed them at the end of the year with this thought:

People like directions. Me too. I like simple, evocative calls-to-action; they stir the Head-Heart-Hand.

Manifestos drive conversation – it is not necessarily about believing everything in them; but using them as a riff / filter for your own thoughts and ideas.

In the interim, I have found a few more manifestos. Let’s continue the series, and also continue to use them to riff on our own thoughts and ideas…

I discovered The Cloud Revolution Manifesto: Embracing Disruption via this Forbes article.


This is less a Manifesto to Live By…as a manifesto to understand. The impact of the cloud is and will be as powerful as a brewing thundercloud in the sky.

I am no technology expert, but the cloud changes everything. I see that take shape in observing how Microsoft is having to re-engineer its customers away from on-premise to cloud services (both as a customer, and as a regular speaker at MSFT events on the social journey).

Perhaps their focus is to make more money with monthly licences, but probably it is because the need for speed development and deployment opportunity that the cloud provides is making on-prem, 3-year dev cycles obsolete.

So, even though I am no expert, the cloud is something to feel, to get. It translates into speed, into optionality, into an embrace of disruption. The cloud is everything.

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