Why Do You Need Your Own Manifesto? Because They Get You To ACTION.

Have you seen the recently released New Clues manifesto (of sorts)? Gack! The ClueTrain guys are back, and on the attack – for sure. Dizzyingly poetic, aspirational and urgent, it is all that a call to action should be.

I recently re-released a bunch of posts about manifestos that have driven my own urgency.  They all err on the side of ACT – which, as the artist Ai Weiwei says, is the most important word we have today.  

By the simple circumstance of writing a lot of blog posts, I realized that I had my own manifesto too. These are the few ideas that I am synthesizing and iterating upon.

Your own manifesto, whether shared or hidden in your journal (or your head) is your own call to action, where your individual genius can make (all) the difference. It allows other to know you; and to ask for your help.

This was reiterated to me reading this article on personal leadership.

It suggests:

  • Decide what is important to change
  • Select the right topic
  • Start conversing
  • Write it down!
  • Act according to it
  • Refine it
  • Pair it to your skills
  • Create some guiding principles
  • Start a movement around it
  • Organize and execute.

Moving out into the world – and acting on it – makes the manifesto manifest. Things begin to happen! That deserves a BOOM!

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