When People Tell You Who YOU Are, Don’t Believe Them

Who are you? How do you show up at your best? How do you make the big difference? These big questions are important ones, increasingly so in light of the changes that will be wrought on all us knowledge workers in the mid-term. At TMWK, we turn these questions into a quest to uncover and polish your personal brand. Being able to articulate your value will make a difference in how people see you; who wants to work with you; what great projects you will be a part of. How do we do it? By having you distill your crazy-ass … Continue reading When People Tell You Who YOU Are, Don’t Believe Them

My Personal Brand: Revisited. Being The Best In The World At *THIS*

It is time to revisit my personal brand.  We have been developing the personal branding system to fully synthesize the input elements and to get to the brand essence. The BrandBoards have been redesigned to better illustrate this. What is that essence? A bit of Head – Heart – Hand. Usually, people have a brand essence clearly in one of the HHH camps. This is good news. Here is where you make the biggest difference; how you show up BIG. Mine, very clearly, is a HEAD brand. I do my best work by thinking; intellectualizing. It does mean I cannot … Continue reading My Personal Brand: Revisited. Being The Best In The World At *THIS*

How Do We Show Up (Most Of The Time)? With Head – Heart – Hand.

When we discuss personal branding, using the TMWK BrandBoard approach, we talk about articulating attributes that map against head, heart, and hand. That’s how we show up, most of the time. Although we might have great strength in one of the areas, and we usually do, balance is usually important to bring people with you, and to win over others. This idea has increasing currency in business circles too: Nilofer Merchant is a great writer and leader in the social business space. In a recent interview with Stowe Boyd, she spoke her truth: “Work has often been the place of the … Continue reading How Do We Show Up (Most Of The Time)? With Head – Heart – Hand.

#WorkHacks – Put Yourself First

The change agent extraordinaire  Joachim Stroh shared this beautiful, evocative graphic, saying: “It’s about you, but you’re not the only bee in the hive; the further you expand the more you grow. Putting yourself first is not about ego, not about me-me-me. No. It is about moving out into the world with conviction and self-awareness, to confirm to others ‘This is how I add value.’ Indeed, success for most of us comes not from individual brilliance, but from moving within, and asking help from, a community of supporters: “… individual expertise did not distinguish people as high performers. What distinguished high … Continue reading #WorkHacks – Put Yourself First

Disruption: The End Of Teamwork, Scheduling, And 2 BILLION Jobs. Gulp.

Yesterday I discussed the McKinsey Disruptive Technologies Report and the centrality of #SocBiz to it. Thomas Frey has put down a marker of what that means for us as workers. Namely, the end of 2 b.i.l.l.i.o.n jobs by 2030. Hard to swallow? Wait, there’s more. Disruption also means the end of teamwork, according to Paul Rux: The powerful trend toward freelance workplaces signals the coming demise of teamwork. Get ready to move, re-skill, and coach innovative individuals as leaders Add in the end of regular by-the-hour work too, according to Carrie Ann Zapka: Dynamic pay-per-task networks will replace fixed annual … Continue reading Disruption: The End Of Teamwork, Scheduling, And 2 BILLION Jobs. Gulp.

Knowing With The Head, The Heart, The Hands.

John Maeda always keeps it simple. His recent RISD Commencement introduction referenced Marshall Ganz; and how “moving people to action is about telling stories, and that our stories are formed by three ways of knowing.” Namely… knowing with the head knowing with the heart knowing with the hands This maps perfectly against the TMWK Personal Branding approach. Not only can we articulate our strengths through this triumvirate balance, we can also lead others with stories that exhibit the same attributes. Continue reading Knowing With The Head, The Heart, The Hands.

The First 100 Posts: The Story So Far…

You know when the President reaches 100 days of office and everyone takes a (random) step back to assess what’s what? Well, here’s mine, trying to rationalise what it is that I am trying to share with the world, after 100 posts. It all started out with a few simple premises: I know stuff; and The Future of Work (57 posts)  is social, so I should share it. Preach what you do, not what you should do. I am already doing Social Business (29 posts) inside the organization as an intrapreneur, so it is a natural extension to move beyond the increasingly arbitrary boundaries of the … Continue reading The First 100 Posts: The Story So Far…

Everyone Wants A “Head-Heart-Hand” Brand. But Few Have One. Which Is Yours?

Some of the most interesting realizations I have had in developing personal branding tools are that: We cannot be all things to all (wo)men; nor do we need to be – specialization helps others understand you quicker and more intensely; Balance is still important – few people want to be empty-handed in certain parts of the required skill sets of the modern worker. Talking with participants of the TMWK BrandBoard process, invariably a person wants to showcase Head – Heart – Hand attributes. These map against: Thinking – intellection (Head) Feeling –  emotion (Heart) Doing – action (Hand) Oh, what … Continue reading Everyone Wants A “Head-Heart-Hand” Brand. But Few Have One. Which Is Yours?

Resumes: Size Does NOT Matter…Compelling Story DOES.

I have talked before about how I dislike my resume / CV. It is just so difficult to fit a person into a formula. So frustrated was I with the blah blah blah of my 2-page resume I forced it down to one-page, thinking that would help. It did not. Then, in a fit of pique, and in the fervour of a creative outburst, I turned it into a 1-metre infographic. Satisfying (and a version of which trended on SlideShare for a while). Later still, I developed the BrandBoard concept as a mechanism to tell a first-person story that is … Continue reading Resumes: Size Does NOT Matter…Compelling Story DOES.

Sponsor Disruption 5: Show-Up

The last part of sponsoring disruption is to <Show-Up> differently. It is about showcasing how you have worked through <Model> <Upskill> <Bulk-Up> <Polemicize> and WOW – look at me now! Prove that it was all worthwhile. By now, you are working differently, networking more, have more knowledge at hand and beyond your fingertips. You are social. Hey, maybe even people like you more (no promises there). You made some bold promises and you delivered them. Now, take it to the proverbial NEXT LEVEL. Yes, it’s that time. The NEXT LEVEL You have moved through the disruption and are modelling the … Continue reading Sponsor Disruption 5: Show-Up