“Yes!” Personal Branding: Planning Tools

To finish the thought, the discussion here has moved from the transliteration of a standard resume / CV to an automated visual version of the same; on to a deepened, hand-crafted version; then to a visual narrative reworking of your brand story. Now, we plan.

As mentioned in the last post, moving beyond the resume as a chronological list of past experiences to make it something that lives and breathes – that is the interesting work at hand.

Career Planning

A couple of interesting online tools help us out here. Firstly, resum.up – a career roadmapping tool. Transparently, it place your career timeline from your past to your future. You can share your career aspirations; and connect with your network about how they can support you in making it happen. The collective network says “Yes!”

Then there is Sokanu.

It helps you define your career choices. The tool defines itself as such:

“Our mission is simple – to help every person find the career they are meant to be in.

Our goal is to be the place you come to whenever you have a question about your career. What do I want to be when I grow up? Who am I as a person? Who is similar to me?

I went through the program and it was thought-provoking.

first go round
first go round
second go round

F.R.E.S.H. Verdict

  • Fun: Can planning be fun? Maaayyybe. The Sokanu process seemed to go on forever.
  • Revealing: Certainly stimulating; and detailing your career aspirations plans openly takes balls. “Yes!”
  • Entertaining: “Hey everyone, I should be a News Anchor!” Yeah, that’s entertaining.
  • Shareable+Social: “Yes!”
  • Heartfelt: The more layers you add, the more future-looking you get, the easier it is to over think things. So-so.

May your resume / CV stimulate! May your career prosper!

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