The First 100 Posts: The Story So Far…

You know when the President reaches 100 days of office and everyone takes a (random) step back to assess what’s what? Well, here’s mine, trying to rationalise what it is that I am trying to share with the world, after 100 posts.

It all started out with a few simple premises:

  • I know stuff; and The Future of Work (57 posts)  is social, so I should share it. Preach what you do, not what you should do.
  • I am already doing Social Business (29 posts) inside the organization as an intrapreneur, so it is a natural extension to move beyond the increasingly arbitrary boundaries of the enterprise.
  • I am a life long learner. Reading, researching, conversing, working out loud all accelerate that learning. Adults learn by doing, and The Curious Will Inherit The World (30 posts), after all.
  • I do less and less writing inside the enterprise, as social initiatives pass forward the opportunity to our front-line experts, as photos displace the 1000-word copy, and as pithy one-liners compete for attention hither and thither. Still, I like to write, to tell Story + Narrative (19 posts) and I reckon I’m ok at it. Telling stories is worthy, you might say. Do it, share it.
  • Finally, the push from others to start the TMWK blog was the Personal Branding (38 posts) schtick I have been working over the last several months. We have a unique, powerful process – the TMWK BrandBoard – and we are not afraid to show it, share it. And, of course, it allows me to share my personal brand with y’all.

So far, so good. I am producing about 5-6 blog posts a week; so there is plenty of content noding around the network. Needs a little refinement probably; a little more repetition; more interaction with others. But, it is muscle-building.

I am doing what I say everyone should do.

Done and done.

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