The Lived Experience of Bias.

Ouch: “Man needs to experience something for himself before acknowledging it exists, rather than take it from women.

Why is there an emergent recruitment practice anonymizing resumes / CVs? Because it removes an in-built bias many have about “the right kind of person for the job.”

  • Who suffers from this bias? Women, and BIPOC, of course.
  • Who holds this bias? Most of us.

You may be above such bias, and good for you if you really are. However, for all well-meaning people who want to free of bias, read this twitter thread about a man and a woman who, for one week, “pretended” to be the opposite sex in their customer interactions. Illuminating is the word that comes to mind. [Spoiler alert: life is easier as a man.]

It reminded me of why an author called herself J.K. Rowling. Because wizard stories could only be written by men! She had to disguise her gender.

Also worth a read is the female’s perspective on the same story.

This Much We <Still Don’t> Know.

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