COVID Diaries Week 44: On Track.

I dropped Zoe off at the sports field for her physically distanced ‘game’ today, which means they do an extra training session as they are not allowed close contact interaction. Still, I am glad they are still meeting and practising, for her and for me.

I am a routine person. Rather than drop her off and go and come back to pick her up an hour later, I park and run around the school track nearby, getting my 5k in. Thursday, Sunday, running twice a week. It is sustainable and practical. There are no excuses not to do it. Perfect.

Of course, I could leave my house any other day to go running, but with that hypothesis, I can always delay: “Manana, manana.”

Today, another parent stopped my on the track and said, “You have inspired me on Thursday to go running too.” There were some other parents today walking around the track to get some fresh air and exercise. They too were influenced by my commitment.

It is the only times in the week I even leave the house, other than a walk with the dog in the forest at the weekend. This is what it has come to after 44 weeks. A pat on the back for leaving the house with purpose.

Small wins.

This Much We Know.

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