COVID Diaries Week 45: Normalcy.

Week 45 of COVID lockdown, and the end of President 45 in the US. I try not to get too obsessive about the hot mess happening down South, and in President 46 we have a more mundane, by-the-book approach to leadership. Normalcy, dull and true.

With so much tumult in our communities, workplaces and hospitals, isn’t that just the ticket?! We need more boredom and certainty in our lives. Then we can really target the critical change and reorientation – around safety and social practices in our day-to-day lives; and around social policy of care homes and health services (and the value of vaccines!)

We don’t need culture wars; nor them-against-us enemies. We are on the same team.

Here’s to a normal day.

This Much We Know.

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