COVID Diaries Week 38: Coffee

A lot of drinking is more about ritual than sustenance / reward for me. I do not have an addictive personality, so I could easily give up alcohol, tea, coffee if I needed / wanted to. Indeed, once COVID hit, and I was laid off, I determined to stop drinking alcohol completely, and coffee from coffee shops. Cut costs, get life really simple, focus on emergence rather than existing patterns.

It is a challenge: can I do it? Do I have self-control? Answer: yes.

However, a new practice emerged. Getting out the coffee beans from the freezer, grinding them, digging out Great Aunt Anna’s sturdy old moka pot to brew the espresso, adding a little frothy milk; and most importantly, making coffee for Lori or she for me.

A small ritual built through COVID that I really enjoy. One that I hope to continue longer term. Working from home and having a quick check in with the fam 2-3 times a day is a small slice of wonder. When I am in the office, family is out of sight and out of mind, almost a distraction if I am interrupted.

Now, at home, it is a quick “Hi! Wha’ you up to?” and then back at it. There is joy there, in the small moments. I hold that space.

This Much We Know.

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