Dis!Organize Ep. 99: SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON!

This series has been easy to execute because of the hard graft I have put into my practice over the last decade plus. 

Many of the episodes write themselves because I wear the experiences on my sleeve and deep within my bones.

I share those lessons not because I think I am particularly special or unique – there are many, many people who work at a higher standard of execution and insight.

I share because that is the gift I can offer. 

Over the years, people have encouraged me to push for more, and to share the learnings. 

My request for you is that you do the same. 

At work, how often can you stare at your audience directly in the eye, and demand they SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON?!

Those times that you have, and that they did…hold those moments. Replicate them. Enhance them. Go for more. 

Disorganize better than ever. Share your 99 tips and tricks.

Let’s take this whole thing forward.

This Much We Know.

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