COVID Diaries Week 37: Work View.

We are working from home. We can crash out of bed and on to a zoom meeting in our sweats (at least, that is what I understand from watching #workTikTok.)

I used to have a view from work over various parts of downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains. My new job has that same view, on the one day I visited.

However, mostly, I have a view of a white wall in my TV room. I work from a gnarly old chair on a 1950s-style desk. I have a large monitor and my laptop screen. I have an old ikea spot lamp, and some stress balls to keep my circulation going.

As I bounce from one meeting to the next, I need three types of audio solutions – different headsets and speakers, depending on what’s going on and how tired my ears are!

All this is new. At some point in the morning I try to make time to go and make some coffee, if Lori hasn’t done so already. I am able to catch up with her during the day, for the first time in forever. She is on full-time dog walking duties now I am back working; we were used to long walks during COVID in the fresh air, our time alone.

All this is new. I have met with 50+ people at work, only 3 in-person. I look at their work video backgrounds and try to summarize something from their home decor. There is a lot of lovely moulding work.

All this is new, yet it is all I know. I still have good neuro-plasticity. I am like a duck to water. I work with what I have, and make it all ok.

This Much We Know.

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