Dis!Organize Ep. 77: Yes, And…

Last episode, I beseeched you all to go for “Yes!” Get the crowd cheering and hollering. High fives all round.

What’s another way to look at this idea? 

Let’s consider the basic rule of improv theatre: Yes. And…

The experience of improv is one of unexpected outcomes. The joining of the dots between two seemingly irrelevant concepts to create a whole new, delightful narrative. 

This unexpectedness emerges from an almost irrational willingness to go with the flow

Usually, and especially at work, our brain is set to RATIONAL mode. I say “X”, you consider X and all its facets and offer a counter argument or position. 

Yes (we are colleagues and on the same team), but…(you have not thought it through correctly and my role is to course correct.)”

“Yes. And…” says something different. 

Yes (you are exactly what is required). And…(what if I pushed your thinking even further!?) ”

The disorganizer is a “Yes! And…” friend, confidant, and supporter.

This Much We Know.

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