Dis!Organize Ep. 78: Ask Questions.

This episode is about the theme tune of the kids’ TV animation “Bob the Builder – Can we fix it? Yes we can!”

A test group of people is asked to repeat twenty times over: 

I can fix it!

Then they are given problems to ‘fix.’

Another test group is asked to repeat this sentence twenty times:

Can I fix it?”

 Then they are given the same problems to ‘fix.’

Which group does best in the problem-solving?

If you said: the group which is reflective and questioning, questing and open-minded, you are CORRECT! Congratulations.

Pondering a problem, perhaps with the possibility that you might not succeed, gets to better outcomes than declaring definitively that you will get there.

This is the art of being a fixer, a disorganizer. 

Ask good questions – of yourself and others – rather than making assertions.

You have to live in the uncertainty that you might fail; but doing so means, you are less likely to! 

This Much We Know.

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