Dis!Organize Ep. 76: The Answer Is Yes.

There is a beautiful and discombobulating quote from the famous composer Leonard Bernstein, which goes like this:

“I am no longer sure of the question, but I am certain of the answer: YES!” 

This really speaks to me. 

One of my biggest motivations at work is to engender a “YES!” from my audience.  I spent too many years at work thinking it was about getting through the day, keeping everything on an even keel. 

It was much later when I realised individual workers could create breakthrough actions, initiatives and outcomes.

If we want to lead, and if you want that leadership to be about more and making a bigger difference, then you need colleagues to say “Yes!” 

– to change, to the emergent, to the disorganized next. Aim high, go big. Get to Yes!

This Much We Know.

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