COVID Diaries Week 27: Fire Hazard.

I have had enough of this shitty weather with smoke clogging the air and blocking the sun. I see it there, a blighted orange circle hanging in the sky all day. Come back to us.

It’s not even the heat, although I have been chilled to the bone once or twice. It is the presence of life, of sustenance.

The air quality index is so poor, I have had a semi-permenent headache for a week. I had pins and needles in my left index finger:

“Oh, that’s the end of your lung meridian,” exclaims my acupuncturist. “It starts at the top of your left breast. Notice it.” Oh, the place where I have a muscle that bubbles like I am having a heart attack?! I am noticing alright.

One of the parents at the kids’ footie practice (cancelled this week due to poor air quality!) had the exact same issue.

Enough with this nonsense. Climate change is real, it is close at hand, and it puts me and my family and my community at risk. The world is on fire. What are you doing to make a change?

This Much We Know.

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